RAD Industrial Supplies recommends the Rawlplug FF1 Nylon Frame Fixing with Collar and Hex head for all your fixing requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Special zinc flake corrosion-resistant coating
  • The FF1 blue plug iscollared for fixing of hard materials such as steel
  • Specially-formulated nylon allows best performance installation for use in all base material categories according to ETAG 020 (A, B, C, D)
  • The delta tonel flanged hex head screw (also with T40) can be installed using a hex socket
  • Internal plug geometry designed to fit the screw head
  • Embedment depth markings facilitate precise installation


  • Gates, wickets, fences
  • Industrial doors
  • Satelite dishes
  • Garage doors
  • Door and window frames
  • Facade (substructures made of wood and metal)
  • Trunking

Base materials Approved for use in:

  • Concrete C12/15-C50/60 (Use category A)
  • Solid Brick (Use category B)
  • Solid Sand-lime Brick (Use category B)
  • Hollow Sand-lime Brick (Use category C)
  • Hollow Brick (Use category C)
  • Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block (Use category C)
  • Aerated Concrete Block (Use category E).

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By Allie Masikwana, 1st September 2020, Tags: Rawlplug, FF1, Fixings