Soudal Pro 40P PU Adhesive

Soudal Pro 40P PU Adhesive



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Soudal Pro 40P PU Adhesive

Soudal PRO 40 P is a one-component, unfilled, ready-to-use polyurethane-based adhesive with excellent water resistance. It cures quickly with a foaming penetration action to fill bond cavities and pores for maximum adhesion. It can be used on damp wood and can attain the D4 standard of water resistance based on the DIN EN 204 standard.

  • Professional quality with very high bond strength
  • Foaming penetration action to fill bond cavities and porous substrates
  • D4 water resistance (DIN EN 204); suitable for wet wood types
  • Suitable for almost all materials, especially suited for timber and wood

750 g bottles, 6 bottles / carton



  • Easy application with newly redesigned bottle cap applicator
  • Easy to tool
  • Professional quality
  • Powerful bond
  • Foaming penetration action to fill bond cavities
  • D4 water resistance (DIN EN 204)
  • Suitable for wet wood types


  • Interior applications which are exposed to high relative humidity
  • Exterior applications which are exposed to direct weather influence
  • Bonding of windows and door frames (also corner connections) which need to meet class D4 according to EN204
  • Bonding of wooden construction elements

Application Method

Method: Apply the adhesive by means of a brush or notched trowel to one of the substrates. Join the parts together within 15 minutes and clamp for at least 3 hours. Pressing the materials during curing is necessary to reach the highest possible end strength.


Various porous and non-porous surfaces such as wood, concrete, stone, and other materials commonly used in construction. Not suitable for PE and PP. As the adhesive cures on exposure to moisture in the air or the material, a light spray of water to moisten the surface can accelerate the bonding process and filling character.


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