Handyman Bio Wash

Handyman Bio Wash


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Handyman Bio Wash

Bio Wash is a blend of chemical additives which form a water based and diluted product of exceptional versatility and safety. Bio Wash has a pH of >12 and is inhibited against attack on aluminium, magnesium and light alloys. It contains an anti-corrosive agent for the protection of ferrous metal surfaces. Bio Wash is biodegradable, non-flammable and in itself non-pollutant.

Cleans garden furniture, sinks, pots, pans, mags, engines, equipment, and garage floors. Ideal for heavy duty applications.

Available in:

  • 750ml
  • 5 Litre
  • 25 Litre

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BioWash 5L, BioWash 25L, BioWash 750ml


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