Ajax MultiTransmitter – White

Ajax MultiTransmitter – White


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The second life of an old wired alarm

We understand how difficult it is to decide on a wired alarm upgrade. It is a common situation when your system is still capable of protecting your property but is clearly outdated. Renovating with Ajax doesn’t force you to leave behind the current equipment. It gives you a chance to build modern complex security based on existing wired equipment.
Ajax MultiTransmitter is an 18 zone wired panel that replaces existing wired alarm control panels. It wirelessly connects to an Ajax Hub transforming the existing system into a smart, mobile controlled system. Each of the wired devices can be configured in the Ajax app which could be active 24/7, operate with entering or exiting delay, activate sirens if necessary, and participate in automation scenarios. With MultiTransmitter, the old alarm system becomes part of a secure and smart home.

Security via smartphone

With MultiTransmitter, system users get security control via app, data-rich notifications, and automation scenarios. An installer can set up the system or device in the PRO-app, both while on-site and remotely.

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Dimensions 163 × 163 × 36 cm


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