The Ajax security system is easy to install in your apartment, home or office. By choosing Ajax, you get integrated protection that is easy to manage, tamper-resistant and responds instantly to attacks.

Responds to fire, water and unwanted guests
Ajax doesn’t limit itself to one job. Instead, it does three at once. The system immediately alerts users if it detects a break-in, smoke or a flood. Additionally, it supports third-party surveillance cameras, making Ajax a singular security center.

Intelligent control panel

Ajax Hub is the core device in the system. It uses our encrypted radio protocol, Jeweller, to connect to detectors and monitor them. The hub immediately sends alerts via SMS, push notification or phone call.

Has few communication channels for sending alarms — Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G
Up to 99 users can manage the system
The system can operate for up to 16 hours during a power outage
The system can control up to 150 devices

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